Minque is an education platform connecting user curiosity with expert answers from professors.

How it works

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Curious about something? Add your question to the "I'm Curious" feed. 

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Vote on questions.

Vote on questions you'd love an answer to. It's simple - vote by clicking the plus sign next to the question. Once a question hits 25 votes, it unlocks for a professor to answer!

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Brothers on a mission.

In 2016, information flowed through our feeds like water through a firehose. At the same time, questions about the world around us went unanswered. Seeing the amount of untapped curiosity, misinformation, and questionable sources in the public sphere, we sought to create a platform that elevated the conversation. Minque was born. 

Driven by your questions, Minque's mission is to enhance the global conversation by connecting user curiosity with expert answers from professors.  We want our users to get the quality explanations they deserve, from the brightest minds we can find.  

In a world of unlimited questions and unreliable information, Minque strives to explain the world around you.  

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Mike Baumwoll, CEO

Mike is an entrepreneur focused on building the next big innovation in higher education. A recent graduate of the Founder Institute and a member of the NYU Steinhardt EdTech Incubator, Mike is parlaying his substantial career in Digital Media - working both for a leading technology start-up and a major social media platform - into education technology.  Mike holds a BA from Lafayette College.   


Dave Baumwoll, COO

Dave is an attorney in New York City and former prosecutor. Prior to law, Dave served as an elementary school teacher with Teach for America in Newark, NJ and as an education program consultant with Newark Mayor Cory Booker. David holds a BA from Tufts University, an MPP From the Harvard Kennedy School, and a JD from Rutgers Law School.   


Nominate a professor.

Ever had a great professor? Excellent. We'd love to connect with them. All Minque professors have come from you, through nominations or referrals. Nominate a great professor here!